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6.15.08 -
5.13.10 -

Madame Xanadu #1 will be in stores Wednesday, June 25, so be sure to get yourselves a copy! You can download a preview here.

I've done a nice big interview with the folks at Sidebar, in the form of a podcast, and hey, I even sing at the end. Check it out!

I'm now selling originals! Check out my Comic Art Fans gallery to see what's available. I'm occassionally doing Ebay auctions as well. For notifications on either of these when I put new pages up, email me at amy @ tentopet.com. My blog will normally have an update as well!

My Latest Youtube Addition -
11.19.07 -

Fool's Gold volume 2 comes out December 11 2007, and I've made some fun additions to my Fool's Gold site, including a fanart & cosplay section, and some fun trivia about volume 1. Did you know that I draw myself as a ditsy background character? And once you've brushed up on volume 1, TOKYOPOP's posted the chapter 1 preview to book 2!